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Michelle, AP US History student
I am in APUSH and this helped me get through the year with no troubles!
This is the best help for understanding The American Pagent.
Kim, AP US History student
AP US History student
It summarizes everything I need instead of reading a whole textbook.
Johnson, AP US History student
This helped me so much on my AP European history test.
The notes are incredibly helpful; accurate, descriptive, split up and easy to read, Love them!
Marty, AP US History student
As a teacher of AP in Korea this site is great for my students... including myself. You make my teaching easy.
Mr. Stevens, AP European History (teacher for 15 years)
These were great notes that truly helped me with what I needed to be helped with. Thank you.
Aisha, AP Microeconomics student
This website is a very good resource and is a very good substitute for the days that I don't feel like bringing my textbook home or need more clarification. 100% my favorite website for everything AP US History. (:
I used this website for homework and got a really good score on my homework I also recommended it to my social studies teacher!!! Thank you very much!
Middle school student
It has detailed notes and is much better then reading the textbook.
Helen, AP US History student
The notes gives more detail than our teacher does!
AP World History student
Thorough notes, and covered key parts of the chapter. Very helpful all around.
AP Psychology student
This is extremely useful! It really makes reviewing easy, both for Class exams/tests, as well as getting ready for the AP exam.
Liam, AP US History
Alison, AP World History student
It's amazing and helps me pick out what's important to know and study.
Brooke, AP World History student
It's super helpful... nobody has enough time to actually read all the chapter due to other class work.
AP US History student
It gives me everything that I need to keep up with my studies.
Camaryn, AP US History student
I have a lot of sophomore friends taking this course and I wish I knew about this site when I was a sophomore.
Ivory, AP US History student
Study notes is very helpful. The notes are clear and organized. This one site has everything you need to pass the course. Thank you :)
AP US History student
This is a gift.
Scarlet, College Applicant
I love this website so much. Thank you. You're a life-saver.
AP Psychology student
This info is more detailed than the required book which cost me $112.85!
Jeaika, AP US History student
Great info. Not your mother's textbook!
Luna, AP US History student
This website has helped me SO much and I'm sure it will help many others as well.
AP US History student
The AP gov test is tomorrow and you are a procrastinator's dream!
Meg, AP US History student
This site is so useful for many different exams and it goes sooo in-depth that it's nearly impossible to think that it's a real website!!!
Ashanti, AP European History
Great information, great studying tips, and easy to use website to study before the AP exam.
Vivian, AP US History student
This site provides a good summary of the history of the topics that I find most interesting. It's also one of my best study tools as I go through school.
Dryden, AP US History student
I love this website! It helps me study so much! I am so thankful that I was able to find it in time to study for my final examinations.
Kat, AP US History student
It's very helpful and has all the information I need for the upcoming exam, as well as all the practice I can get.
Emman, AP US History student
The notes are easy to read, and there are multiple topics that can relate to it. The site also provides professional essays from leading universities.
Nicky, AP US History student
It helped me a lot in my studies. Thank you whoever thought of this website and I hope you find great success in life, and the same to whoever reads this.
AP Psychology student
This is one of the only websites that I have found to be a. free, b. helpful, c. compatible with my textbook, and d. resourceful. ... The countdown to the Exam day is also helpful. I have already recommended it to my friends and fellow AP students. Good Job apstudynotes.com!!!
Kiely, AP European History student
Very helpful and thorough guides.
Kim, AP European History student
The notes are extremely helpful and easy to understand. Absolutely amazing!!!
Gandora, AP European History student
This helped me actually understand what I read in my textbook.
Seth, AP European History student
AP test study guides look awesome and super helpful :)
Ginny, AP US History student
Breaks down what you need to know for the test. That's amazing!
Jeremy, AP US History student
This is the greatest website ever! As soon as I discovered this, I shared it with all of my friends.
Ashley, AP US History student
I don't tend to actually remember to ever recommend websites, but I would recommend this one...
Nicky, AP US History student
APUSH is an extremely hard class. Using these study notes makes it tons easier.
Callahan, AP US History student
I am a freshman taking this course and it is very challenging at times and this website helps me a lot. I have already told a few friends in my class about it and they share my opinion on it. We love it! It helps us so much. Thank you.
Kenzie, AP European History student
The site covers about everything.
Vishak, AP US History student
It makes it very easy for students to learn and study for quizzes/tests. It outlines the important things that happened in each chapter. Instead of having 10 different websites for different classes the majority are on here and its very simple.
Victoria, AP US History student
Awesome site! I love the AP textbook outlines and they're very helpful for my class and studying! Thanks!
Miley, AP US Microeconomics student
Apstudynotes.org is a very reliable website. It is great for studying for a test at the last minute. It's also a great study tool for the AP test. This is my absolute favorite history "go-to" website.
Ty, AP US History student
This site is extremely helpful and resourceful! The simplified chapter truly helps get to the "meat and potatoes" of the text without getting confused by minisminiscule details or wordy explanations. By being concise and condensed, this site truly helps find an understanding and grasp rather than a group of floating facts. This site has reduced my required study time by at least 50 percent; I would recommend it to everyone I know!
Faith, AP European History student
I needed help with my APUSH hw and studynotes refreshed my memory and cleared up some questions I had. I love that this website has a clear and in depth review of AP U.S. history.
Study Notes has always been there for me.
Maggie, AP US History student
I have already recommended this site to my APUSH class and other classes have also begun to use it. This site has great resources for us to use to study for our exams.
I love this website so very much. I use it all the time for last minute study cravings!!!!!!!!!
It is very resourceful and has helped improve my test scores by at least 20 percent.
Philip, AP US History student
It's very very helpful. Ever since I started using it, I am starting to understand the APUSH course more.
This helps me out so much! It's easy to study!
Jessica, AP English student
The thing I love most about AP study notes is that it's like the text book but with ctrl + f capabilities :P Why dig through that 10 page chapter because you forgot what the "Oneida Community" was?
Michael, AP US History student
Because this site is amazing. It has everything!
Aly, AP World History student
I'm loving this for my APUSH class! I'm having to read and learn the material on my own, and coming to apstudynotes.org has helped me understand the material a lot more. It breaks down the material and maks it a lot easier to understand.
Mackenzie, AP US History student
APstudynotes.org has helped me countless times with my AP US History exams. I'd like to think my success in the class is largely because of the great summaries, practice exams, and vocabulary lists of each chapter available. They have been great study tools. I can't recommend the site enough!
Tavim, AP US History student
I've noticed my score rising in my AP Psych class. The notes are very detailed!
Thanks! Pass on to your team that our son got into Uchicago, thanks in part to your site‎.
The topics mentioned are well thought out and they present the most relevant information. As well as that, these notes are more concise and get to the point with no unnecessary background!
AP US History student
I am writing to express my gratitude to you for the exemplary content contained within your Psychology section. You see, I was preparing for the Introductory Psychology CLEP test to lesson my burden of an eight-week course as being in the military, stationed overseas, my time is measured. When I "Googled" psychological methods and found your site it allowed me to immerse myself in key points of psychology. All of the chapter notes proved vital in me securing 3 semester hours with a score of 65 on the test when 50 would have allowed me to pass. Keep up the great work.
Bruce Worland, U.S. military active duty
The essays are good references and examples to improving my writing techniques; they're also good comparisons with how I write. They're kind of interesting too.
College applicant
A friend recommended this site to me and I love it!! So I am going to let everyone know as much as possible to use this site since it simplifies many of the complicated notes we have to take in class. Thank you for creating this!!!!!!
AP US History student
It's really frustrating to read the book (completely) and this just takes SO MUCH LESS TIME. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Courtney, AP US History student
These notes sum up everything I was needing to know and helped me set up my notes and get the key points of everything.
Justice, AP Psychology student
StudyNotes.org is very informative. It helps with a surplus amount of topics from the beginning of high school into your college journey.
High school student
It is very easy to read and pick up information. Also it is well organized and visually eye catching.
Rod, AP Psychology student
The study notes are very helpful and reliable. I am given a greater insight on the chapter.
Destiny, AP European History student
I have found this site extremely helpful as i have studied for APUSH, and have already recommended this site to my friends. Thank you very much for providing such a great resource!
Keh, AP US History student
You guys are awesome!!!
AP US History student
Very organized. Easy to navigate. Love it. Thank you so much!
Eve, AP US History student
I LOVE THIS SITE. All of the chapter outlines are created beautifully and help me fill in the gaps I missed in the reading when its time for a test etc.
Victoria, AP US History student
AP Study Notes was and is a great way to review all the topics discussed in class and is a great way to review for the AP Exam!! I have recommended this site to all my AP friends!!!
Peter, AP European History
I love this website! It has really helped me because it is clear and concise.
Demi, AP US History student
It gives you the meat and potatoes of a topic
AP Psychology student
This site is a blessing. I have to take the AP exam for the first time and this site provides many resources that make me feel like I have a chance of doing well on the test.
Taaj, AP US History student
I love the notes on this site. It also helped me to get a good grade in AP US History.
This website is very helpful! I love reading this for school. :-)
AP US History student
Best website ever for ap classes
Kiely, AP European History student
The information is very detailed and it has helped me before to prep for quizzes as well as tests.
Alejandra, AP US History student
It's my book without useless knowledge.
Urbud, AP European History student
So much help!!! I'm in AP US History right now, and it's hard trying to put every little detail you learn into perspective for a bigger picture.
Keyshon, AP US History student
The AP US History Notes and Outlines are beyond helpful. They provide a very informative and solid review for the AP Exam. Would definitely recommend this to others!
Rabia, AP US History student
I picked this score because this website is very helpful, and I would recommend it to almost all of my friends.
Sandra, AP European History student
It's literally so helpful and so great and makes my life so much easier! Thanks for everything!!!
Carlita, AP European History student
You always have what I need to complete my assignments. Its super easy to use, and has the broad picture for me instead of having to look in my book for a longer period of time. I dont have to sift to find the most important details anymore. I can get more done in less time because of this website. It's really great. I love it!
Anfull, AP European History student
After 40 years teaching/chairing English, I tutor that and history. Yours is a terrific site!
Mrs. White, AP English teacher
This study website has helped me, because I have horrible handwriting so I can barely read my written notes sometimes. It's nice to be able to have organized, concise notes to look at and to easily interpret.
AP US History student
This website gives awesome outlines for the textbook that are so much easier to read and understand. Thank you for creating this website!!!
Maddie, AP European History student
I find this to be extremely helpful to me when I need help. This site has the answer 95% of the time. Thank you.
Enrique, AP US History student
This site has saved me weekly before my AP tests.
Leslie, AP European History student
It is very informal and helps me with my class work. 10/10 by far the best source I've come across.
Matthew, AP US History student
This a website has saved my APUSH grade more times than I can remember. I can't thank you enough for creating this site.
Trop, AP US History student
This site has completely revived my AP U.S History grade
I had searched so long for something so simple like this. Thank you, for once I may be ready for the finals!
AP Psychology student
It teaches what I need to know or what I'm looking for on homework better than quizlet.com.
Jasa, AP US History student
This site has helped me tremendously with school and helped my other classmates just as much.
Li, AP US History student
Thank you so much. These notes help students like me who have a lot of classes and dont have time to read pages of textbooks. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Mehran, AP US History student
I like the way it is written, very short and simple but very effective and useful.
Meghan, AP European History student
This is such a great website! Whenever I need additional clarification or help on a subject, I come to this site. I am taking APUSH right now. History is the one subject that I always struggle with because I can't retain historical detail and clarity very well. I easily get confused with the vast abundance of facts. Because reading the book can be so lengthy, I come to this site. IT IS SO GREAT! The chapter outlines provides the clarity and organization I was looking for. All/most of the chapters are included. Overall, I LOVE this site.
Eri, AP US History
This website has been very helpful in giving me extra help for upcoming quizzes and more information of the topics we have been discussing in class.
Sauer, AP US History student
I take an AP U.S. History class, both my friend and I have terrible grades. This will help us out immensely. Thank You so much!

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