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SOAPSTONE Text Analysis

Who is the Speaker?

  • The voice that is speaking. Identification of the historical person (or group of people) who created the primary source.
  • What do we know about this historic or contemporary person?
  • What role does he play in an historic event?

What is the Occasion?

  • What is the time and place? The context in which the primary source was created?
  • What is the Geographic and Historic intersection at which this source was produced?

Who is the Audience?

  • The readers to whom this document is directed.
  • The audience may be one person, a small group, or a large group; it may be a certain person or a certain people.

What is the Purpose?

  • What is the reason behind the text
  • Why was it written?
  • What goal did the author have in mind?

What is the Subject?

  • What is the general topic, content, or idea contained in the text?
  • Summarize in a few words or phrase.

What is the Tone?

  • What is the attitude expressed by the speaker?
  • Examine the choice of words, emotions expressed, imagery used to determine the speaker's attitude.

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