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What are the unique qualities of Northwestern — and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying — that make you want to attend the University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified?

Passionate about both science and music, I find Northwestern’s exceptional undergraduate engineering and music programs extremely appealing. The unique opportunity for me to combine McCormick and Bienen into one dual-degree program is even more attractive, allowing me to receive certification from two schools both highly regarded in their respective fields.

Chemical engineering, my primary engineering interest, is among McCormick’s most renowned departments. The faculty members seem to share my underlying values in science: application and innovation. Their extensive research in new and developing areas such as renewable energy and medicine is a clear indication of this overlap. These pioneers, such as Dr. Kung in environmental chemistry, can give me a glimpse of revolutionary science in the making and offer me experience working in the stellar research facilities Northwestern is famous for. I plan to immerse myself in any research opportunities I can find so as to make the most of this exceptional resource Northwestern offers.

The mere presence of a school of music open to undergraduates is uncommon among colleges of Northwestern’s academic standing; having one that matches some of the world’s best conservatories is even more rare. Bienen provides numerous resources for music majors, such as solo, chamber, and large ensemble performance opportunities and regular concerts in one of the nation’s finest concert halls. The guest speakers who come to Bienen are even more remarkable; all-time jazz great Eddie Daniels recently held a master class there for clarinet, my main instrument. Being able to meet and even receive instruction from musicians of that stature would surely inspire me to work toward something special. Northwestern also features one of the nation’s largest music libraries, surely a place where I can continue to fuel my creative passion. To make the most of the exclusive opportunities Bienen can provide me, I plan on partaking in as many events as possible.

Other than the undergraduate schools, Northwestern’s prominent sports culture is also inviting. Although I am certainly not qualified for Division I volleyball, I am convinced I can find a place among the popular club and intramural sports communities. I am also an avid football fan, and would welcome a chance to become a part of Northwestern’s tradition of strong school spirit.

(Applied dual degree: BS chemical engineering and BM clarinet performance)

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