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Chapter 8: Public Opinion, Participation, And Voting

Public opinion – The distribution of individual preferences or evaluations of a given issue, candidate, or institution within a specific population.

Random sample – In this type of sample, every individual has unknown and random chance of being selected.

Manifest opinion – A widely shared and consciously held view, like support for homeland security.

Political socialization - The process – most notably in families and schools – by which we develop our political attitudes, values, and beliefs.

Attentive public – Those citizens who follow public affairs carefully.

Voter registration – System designed to reduce voter fraud by limiting voting to those who have established eligibility to vote by submitting the proper documents.

Australian ballot – A secret ballot printed by the state.

General election – Elections in which voters elect officeholders.

Primary election – Elections in which voters determine party nominees.

Presidential election – Elections held in years when the president is on the ballot.

Midterm election – Elections held midway between presidential elections.

Turnout – The proportion of the voting age public that votes, sometimes defined as the number of registered voters that vote.

Party identification – An informal and subjective affiliation with a political party that most people acquire in childhood.

Candidate appeal – How voters feel about a candidate’s background, personality, leadership ability, and other personal qualities.

Prospective issue voting – Voting based on what a candidate pledges to do in the future about an issue if elected.

Retrospective issue of voting – Holding incumbents, usually the president’s party, responsible for their records on issues, such as the economy or foreign policy.

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