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Chapter 12: The Second War for Independence and the Upsurge of Nationalism, 1812-1824

hodgepodge - Composed of a mixed mass of diverse elements or groups. "His hodgepodge force consisted of seven thousand sailors, regulars, pirates, and Frenchmen. ..." (Also the nickname of my AP U.S. History teacher, Mr. Hodgins)

mediation - A friendly intervention, usually by consent, to settle differences between groups or nations. "Tsar Alexander I of Russia. ..proposed mediation. ..."

armistice - A temporary stopping of warfare by mutual agreement, usually in preparation for an actual peace negotiation between the parties. "The Treaty of Ghent ...was essentially an armistice."

nationalism - A strong devotion to the nation as the central political entity, often in a narrow or aggressive fashion. "Canadian patriotism and nationalism also received a powerful stimulus from the clash."

reaction (reactionary) - In politics, extreme conservatism, looking to restore the conditions of an earlier time. ". ..the Old World t8ok the rutted road back to conservatism, illiberalism, and reaction."

protection (protective) - In economics, the policy of stimulating or preserving domestic producers by placing barriers against imported goods, often through high tariffs. "The infant industries bawled lustily for protection."

raw materials - Products in their natural, unmanufactured state. "Through these new arteries of transportation would flow foodstuffs and raw materials. ..."

internal improvements - The basic public works, such as roads and canals, that create the structure for economic development. "Congress voted. ..for internal improvements."

intrastate - Existing wholly within a state of the United States. "Jeffersonian Republicans. .. choked on the idea of direct federal support of intrastate internal improvements."

depression - In economics, a severe and often prolonged period of declining economic activity, rising unemployment, and falling wages and prices. "It brought deflation, depression, [and] bankruptcies. ..."

boom - In economics, period of sudden, spectacular expansion of business activity or prices. "The western boom was stimulated by additional developments."

wildcat bank - An uncontrolled, speculative bank that issues notes without sufficient capital to back them. "Finally, the West demanded cheap money, issued by its own 'wildcat' banks. ..."

peculiar institution - The institution of American black slavery. "If Congress could abolish the 'peculiar institution' in Missouri, might it not attempt to do likewise in the older states of the South?"

demogogic (demagogue) - Concerning a leader who stirs up the common people by appeals to emotion and prejudice, often for selfish or irrational ends. ". ..Marshall's decisions bolstered judicial barriers against democratic or demogogic attacks on property rights."

contract - In law, an agreement in which each of two or more parties agrees to perform some act in exchange for what the other party promises to do. "It was a contract-and the Constitution protected contracts against state encroachments."

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