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Chapter 28: The Revolt of the Debtor 1889-1900

filibuster - To utilize the technique of obstructing legislation by tactics such as making long speeches and introducing irrelevant amendments.  “…the majority should legislate…and not be crippled by a filibustering minority.”

landslide - An overwhelming majority of votes for one side in an election.  “The congressional landslide of 1890 reduced the Republican membership of the House…”

clientele - Those whom a lawyer or similar agent is engaged to represent and serve.  “…after hobnobbing with his wealthy clientele, [he] had become increasingly conservative.”

legal tender - Any form of money that must be accepted in payment for goods purchased or for repayment of debt.  “…the Treasury was required to issue legal tender notes…”

bullion - Precious metals in their raw form, before they are coined.  “…the Treasury was required to issue legal tender notes for the silver bullion that it bought.”

reserve - In finance, the portion of money held back from circulation by a bank or treasury, which provides backing for its notes or loans.  “…the gold reserve sank to a dismaying $41 million.”

bimetallism - The legalized concurrent use of two precious metals as currency at a fixed ratio of value.  “…the platform…came out for international bimetallism…”

slush fund - An unaccountable sum of money available for questionable to corrupt purposes.  “He…piled up an enormous ‘slush fund’ for a ‘campaign of education.’…”

equilibrium - A state of balance between competing forces or interests.  “The third party system was characterized by the precarious equilibrium between Republicans and Democrats…”

lobbyist - Someone who promotes an interest or cause before a political body, often for pay.  “…not high enough to satisfy the paunchy lobbyists…”

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