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Chapter 22: The Furnace of Civil War, 1861-1865

mediation - The attempt to resolve a dispute through the intervention or counsel of a third

party - "The British and French governments were on the verge of diplomatic mediation...

proclamation - An official announcement or publicly declared order. "Thus, the Emancipation Proclamation was stronger on proclamation than emancipation."

grapevine - The informal network by which information, rumors, gossip, and so on are spread. "Through the “grapevine,” the blacks learned of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation."

flank - The side of an army, where it is vulnerable to attack. "Lee... sent “Stonewall” Jackson to attack the Union flank."

court-martial - A military court or a trial held in such a court under military law. "Resigning from the army to avoid a court-martial for drunkenness, he failed at various business ventures....

garrison - A military fortress, or the troops stationed at such a fortress, usually designed for defense or occupation of a territory. "Vicksburg at length surrendered . . . with the garrison reduced to eating mules and rats."

morale - The condition of courage, confidence, and willingness to endure hardship. "One of his major purposes was . . . to weaken the morale of the men at the front by waging war on their homes.”

riffraff - The segment of society regarded as worthless or undisciplined. ". . . roving riffraff (Sherman's `bummers') engaged in an orgy of pillaging."

pillaging - Plundering, looting, destroying property by violence. ". . . his army… engaged in an orgy of pillaging."

running - mate In politics, the candidate for the lesser of two offices when they are decided together-for example, the U.S. vice presidency. "Lincoln's running mate was ex-tailor Andrew Johnson....”

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